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Professor Bernard Yan

Neurointervetion Expertise


Professor Bernard Yan is Academic Professor of Neurology at the University of Melbourne. He is the immediate Ex-President of the Stroke Society of Australasia which is the foremost society which links all stroke researchers of Australasia. He is a practicing clinical Neurologist and Endovascular Neurointerventionist in Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia. His clinical expertise is in stroke intervention and cerebrovascular diseases. His major research interest is in large clinical trials especially on the topic of acute endovascular clot retrieval (thrombectomy) and machine learning applications in different subspecialty fields of neurology. He supervises together with the Engineering Department many PhD research students with focus on the interface between engineering solutions and neurological diseases. 


Bernard Yan’s 273 academic papers include 1 (as co-first author) published in Lancet and 5 (as co-author) published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In particular, the Lancet paper (Endovascular thrombectomy versus standard bridging thrombolytic with endovascular thrombectomy within 4.5 h of stroke onset) showed that bridging therapy was associated with better outcomes. This has effected change in stroke treatment guidelines. Other clinical papers include publications in Lancet Neurology, Circulation and Stroke. Recently, Bernard’s paper published in Journal of Stroke (Nurse led smartphone electrographic monitoring for atrial fibrillation after ischemic stroke) demonstrated superiority of atrial fibrillation detection by a mobile device and this effected a change in practice in neurology units in Australia.


He is the founding organizer of the Australia and China Training Initiative of Neurology (ACTION) programme. The programme is in its 12th year of operations and has successfully trained over 300 young neurologists from China. He is one of the founding directors of the Australasian Stroke Academy which is the leading provider of stroke medicine education to young doctors in Australia.  


As the President of Stroke Society of Australasia, Bernard has developed and implemented the first nation-wide Stroke Unit Certification for Australia in the year 2022. It is envisaged that this will bring about harmonization of stroke management standards across the nation.